Refilwe Modiselle hangs out with Unathi: Pictures, The star had the chance t mix and mingle with one of the living legends n the entertainment industry, the one and only Untahi Msengana. Refilwe was one of the guests who appeared on Unathi’s show on Umoja Love. She was so happy to meet the legend. So she took to her Instagram some pictures and write a sweet message that had our attention.

She also posted the pictures she took with Unathi as they cuddled and kissed each other. Check the message and pictures below. First, we show you the message:

“You are a reflection & projection of what you give to the world & the universe has a way of reminding you of how special you are….. – VB”
Sis thank you for being a reminder to myself of the light & love one still has to leave in this world….. we often do things unaware of the impact it has for those that see the good in one & just your saying “baby thank you for all you do & we see you” has my heart in awe & Thanksgiving.You’ve seen me grow from your Castle Loud & YFM days….from a teenager, into a grown woman on a mission …a journey that was & still is, never easy. And when our paths cross…. you express how proud you are & tell me to keep going.

Thank you Unsta for “Showing Me Love” May God continue to bless you as He has kindred….Your wisdom, spirit & gentle nature still echoes warm sentiments. Ndiyabulela, Camagu… #GodsBabygirl #Vanillablaq

A moment in time never to be forgotten @bontle.modiselle & @candicemodiselle. For the first time ever we get to present an award together as the #ModiselleSisters.
Presenting & Awarding “The Most Promising Team” at #GSA2018 (Gauteng