Pearl Thusi has the whole nation excited for her most recent film role. The actress plays the role of Tala, a female warrior who is about to become your new favourite character from the movie.

The television and film personality will be starring alongside Zach McGowan in the latest edition of the Scorpion King series.

Thusi announced last year that she had been cast for the role of Tala, the sister of the Nubian King, in the upcoming Scorpion King: Book of Souls. In the movie, she teams up with the King (McGowan) in search of the ‘Book of Souls’ – an item they need to bring an end to an insurgent dictator.

While the historical fantasy film is outside Thusi’s usual range, we couldn’t help being excited about this role.

While it has certainly challenged her, the actress spoke about how the fifth edition of the Scorpion King franchise will be a title for people of all ages to enjoy.

In an interview with The Juice, Thusi said: “You’re going to get a fast-paced, younger and edgier version of the Scorpion King franchise. It’s a good story with beautifully structured characters. For women, men and young children.”

Part of Book of Souls was filmed in Cape Town where The Juice also spoke to the film’s lead actor, Zach McGowan, who had nothing but positive words about Thusi.

He said: “I thought she looked absolutely perfect when I was first told about her joining the cast, but you never know how someone is going to be. But we’ve had so much fun together in all these amazing locations.”

With just over two months to go before the film’s release on Blu Ray and DVD, we’ve been given the chance to take a closer look at Pearl Thusi as Tala; alongside the Scorpion King.

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