Following various comments and tweets from South Africans, Schuster has announced that he will respect his fans’ requests and will no longer make movies with a racist undertone.

South African comedian and actor, Leon Schuster, has revealed that he has no plans to release a Mama Jack 2 movie because of its underlying racism. Schuster says that he has received numerous messages and correspondence from fans over the years regarding this matter.

In a tweet from 2016, Twitter user @Okay_Wasabi commented: “That Brother And Leon Schuster Did Black Face For 10 Years Before We Knew It Was Offensive. They Blaazed Us Wow.”

@Homa10i also weighed in on the matter in 2017 and tweeted “Wokeness spoiled Leon Schuster for me. Oh Schucks was funny. Now all I see is stereotypes and black face.”

Speaking to another publication on the matter, Schuster promised never to do it again and stated that the messages from his fans have not gone unnoticed.

“I’m so sorry that I can’t make Mama Jack 2. If I had a dream come true, my next movie would be Mama Jack 2. But especially on Twitter they said stay away from blackface, it’s not on. It was black people talking to me and you’ve got to listen,” Schuster said. “I can’t do it because I’ll be heavily criticised. In the olden days it troubled nobody. But I won’t go blackface now, I can’t do it. There’s not one actor in the world that will. It’s just racist.”

Schuster is currently working on a new film, Frank & Fearless, which will focus on rhino poaching. The film features Khanyi Mbau, Kenneth Nkosi and Themba Ntuli and is expected to be released in cinemas on 23 November 2018.