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In Pics: Nadia Nakai’s Metro FM interview.

The Queen of hip-hop was at Metro FM where she had an exciting interview on #TheDriveOnMetro with  @masechabandlovuand  @moflava. She had an exciting interview, she expressed her on thought on her Instagram as she wrote: Speak your mind baby girl!!!!! Hope you caught my fire interview on @metrofmsa dropped some gems! 🚀 Fit.
Queen Bragga continues to do her thing that we all love for. The singer doesn’t care for those who speak negatively about her dressing. She always steps out bringing more sauce whenever her critics’ start criticising her, and she simply doesn’t care.
This year is proving to be really fruitful for her. She was one of the performing act at the #castleliteunlocks where US hip-hop singer Chance The Rapper was the guest artist. Now she is having interviews with MetroFM, things are going her way and we so proud about that. Go girl keep doing your thing. Check the pictures from her interview…

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