More pictures of AKA’s new look. A Picture of AKA’s new look has caused a social media to break down as people struggle to understand this new AKA look.
The star who is currently promoting his Album Touch my Blood which he said was his last project is usually very busy these days. The time he has for things such as hate is longer in his programmes.
We recently saw the good side of the man when he sent his condolences to Prokid after the sad news of his death. But what has been the topic since last night is his new look.
We all know AKA as that sweet handsome boy, whose hair colour is black and the guy who rocks tuxedos, but there is a picture of him that made rounds on social media of him with a new hairstyle. Now he has posted more pictures of himself with the new hairstyle and it seems the new hairstyle is here to stay. TCheck these pictures taken from his Instagram account.