Skolopad, who only recently started giving Mzansi a taste of her songs told TshisaLIVE that she was convinced her pro-n#dist views had overshadowed her talent because Mzansi didn’t understand her industry.

Since Mzansi met Skolopad in the yellow dress, she has kept her name alive with one nude snap or risqué pose after the other, but the entertainer says the bottom-line should always be about her talent.

“Women in this industry deserve to be respected. I deserve respect as a woman in this industry. Even when my costumes are revealing… more than Skolopad the performer, I am a mother, someone’s daughter and a talented woman. Being nude has nothing to do with my talent,” said Skolopad.

The musician said people wanted to limit her to her body so they could overlook her talent. She went on to question why that was the case when the same treatment was not given to other international and local female entertainers.

“There are other female celebrities that are almost always naked, but people don’t just assume that is all they know. Even celebrities in America like Beyoncé hardly ever put on clothes but they are still seen for their talent, why can’t I get the same chance?”

Skolopad said she was left disgusted by promoters who apparently judged her based on her n@kedness.

“Like one promoter told me to remove my request for accommodation because I can ‘come to sleep over’ after I perform. Like just because I show a lot of skin, I am saying I am available to sleep with random event organisers. It’s really disgusting but I know it’s not an entertainment industry thing, but a South African men thing. To them, a n@ked or half-n@ked woman is an invitation for s.e.xual advances.”