While baby Kairo has easily become everyone’s favourite celeb kid, it comes as no surprise that someone would cat-fish the 3-year-old to gain some likes and retweets.

Taking to Twitter to address the issue, DJ Zinhle revealed that Kairo was too young to have a Twitter account and that she would not be getting one anytime soon.

“KAIRO does NOT have a twitter account. The girl only learnt how to count to ten recently, it’s gonna be a while before she can spell/tweet,” she tweeted.

Although the toddler does have an Instagram account that has an impressive following of 221 000, her mother revealed that the Instagram account was run by her grandmother, Glammy whose real name is Lynn Forbes.

“She has an Instagram account, it is run by her Glammy…”

While many thanked Zinhle for the clarity, others kept trying to guess who had started the @KairoForbes_ account that has gained over 5000 followers since starting in April this year.
Check out DJ Zinhle’s tweet and people’s reactions below: