THE PROMO for his book says the story of Somizi Mhlongo is one “triumphantly demolishing the hurdles and curveballs thrown his way”.
An entertainment star from the 1980s, Eric D, has come out guns blazing to clear his name after he was mentioned in a juicy section of the book,
Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit – The Somizi Mhlongo Story, which was co-written by Somizi and editor Lesley Mofokeng.
Eric D, real name Dumisani Eric Mbeko, has sent a letter of demand for R5 million, retraction of the allegations in the book and a public apology from Somizi and Lesley.
The book was published in June last year.
Eric D is represented by SP Mncwango & Company Attorneys.
A letter from SP Mncwango & Company Attorneys, in the possession of Daily Sun, states.
“Our instructions are that you, Somizi Buyani Mhlongo, together with Lesley Mofokeng, published a book titled Dominoes, and in said book on page 44 there are allegations made wherein it is stated that our client and Mr Mhlongo had fondled and touched while sharing a bed with you.”
It goes on to state that according to the book, the incident happened in the presence of a woman identified in the book as Eric D’s fiancee.
“These allegations are untrue,” says the letter.
It says the allegations, without any consultation whatsoever with Eric D, have defamed their client’s name and left him humiliated.
“Our client has therefore instructed us to demand compensation for this defamation,” says the letter.
In the book’s chapter 8, titled My First Gay Connection, Somizi says he went to a talent show.
“I bumped into someone that I looked up to at that time. He was a local musician known as Eric D, whose disco music kept local dance floors alive back in the 1980s,” says the text in the book.
“He used to sing with the late Brenda Fassie and even dated her at some point. Eric came with his girlfriend or fiancee. I never checked.”
He writes that after the show they went to Eric D’s house and all three of them slept on the same bed.
“My heart throbbing and loins on fire, the scent of a man and the prickly hairy legs fired me up. It was my first time having a physical connection with a male. “We fondled. I was actually the one touching him and he touched me back, sending me into a tizz of ecstacy. There was not much we could do, because on the other side of the bed slept his girlfriend, the thought of having a bite of this forbidden fruit felt so good, the fondling and the rubbing was enough.”
He says he left in the morning and they never spoke about it: “I was a kid and did not know exactly what I was getting myself into.”
When called for comment, Eric said: “My attorneys would be the best people to speak to.”
The MD of the firm of attorneys, Sphiwe Mncwango, said: “We are representing Eric D on the matter.”
He said they cannot discuss the matter with the media.
Speaking to Daily Sun, Lesley Mofokeng said: “Yes, I have received the letter of demand. I was only contracted to co-author the book with . . . I do not own it.”
When approached for comment, Somizi said it was the first time he heard of it and referred us to his manager, Thato Matuka, who could not be reached.
Source: Dailysun