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Photos of Pearl Thusi, DJ Warras Rock on #LiveAmp and LootLove joined

Pearl Thusi, DJ Warras Rock on #LiveAmp… This may very well be a match made in paradise to the extent TV is concerned. The 2 Mzansi Celebs looked stunning for the show!

Look at the photos before the show and reveal to us what you think. Pearl Thusi was in this dress made me feel different things… Good thing its an end of the week, working would be troublesome.

I just went after the remote for my DStv Explora and am going on get up to speed to watch #LiveAmp once more! You allowed to go along with me… Catch the photos of Pearl Thusi and DJ Warras underneath…
And there is more… LootLove joined in on the action and she looked fab as always…

Expectation these 3 figured out how to set the correct inclination for the end of the week… . Also, I trust you all are appreciating the end of the week!

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