Half-time: Saudi Arabia 1-1 Egypt Fifa World Cup 2018. A significant portion of that was genuinely low on quality closures in contention, with official Wilmar Perez taking an age to choose whether or not to grant the penalty with which Salman Al Faraj counterbalanced Mo Salah's opener. Saudi Arabia had a before spot-kick spared, with Esam Elhadary commending his new status as the most seasoned player in World Cup history with a coordinated jump that gave a false representation of his 45 years.

SALAH! Who else? He has a second goal in this World Cup. Saudi lost ownership inexpensively in Egypt's half, and a long ball was promptly propelled towards Salah who hooks on to it and lifts it over the onrushing goalkeeper.

Salman Al Faraj sends the goalkeeper the wrong way and shoots the ball down the left. That penalty looked a little unforgiving as well – Fahad Al Mulwallad and Ali Gabr both had a hold of each other's shirts as the Saudi striker went to ground.

Salah and Treziguet are wreaking devastation among the Saudi guard. They can't manage their pace and dynamism. Salah set Treziguet up twice now yet the two times he twisted wide.