Panama, playing their first-historically speaking World Cup diversion, have demonstrated some coarseness and assurance to hold off a ritzy Belgium group up until now. Eden Hazard and co. have tried the Panama safeguard; however, Jaime Penedo in the Panama objective has been splendid up until this point. Would they be able to do this for an additional 45 minutes?

Belgium fanny about for some time at that point whack it long up the privilege for Meunier who has slipped behind Davis in transit to the corner signal; however, the ref blows his shriek while his overhit cross is as yet airborne.

It appears Belgium have capitulated to 'Munititions stockpile infection', unending over-elaboration and an inability to assume liability. Peril again blasts into the crate from the left and afresh lays it off as opposed to shooting. Time was tight as was space however he needed to have a burrow from that point. Two minutes will be included.

How about we see what they will deliver in the second half.