Fulltime England 2 – 1 That's it! Britain wins, and it's merited. Two goals from Harry Kane seal the three focuses in a hard-battled prevail upon a dubious Tunisia side.

The corner is splendid! Maguire heads it on, and Kane is at the back post – plain! No one pulls him to the ground this time, and he transforms the header into the goal from a couple of yards. It's a splendid wrap-up!

Tunisia England score from another corner. It's Kane from short proximity once more. Harry Macguire jumps and beats his marker to Young's corner and Kane, sneaking close to the close post gestures it into the net.

The substitution of Sterling and acquainting Rashford demonstrated to be a crucial point. I prefer not to state it yet Rashford has accomplished more over the most recent five minutes than Sterling improved the situation a significant portion of the game. He's won a corner now.

Alright. So. Here we have a thing. The goalkeeper has come to attack the corner and has actually punched John Stones in the head. The ref has given a free-kick to Tunisia.

The goalkeeper punches a defender in the head and wins a free-kick. Am I going mental? Is this… will be this… what is this? How is that a free-kick to the goalkeeper? I'm befuddled. Things don't look the same any longer. Am I through the mirror? Inside the machine? The truth will surface my companions eventually. What's more, right now, Tunisia are squandering that time. Khazri strolls off the pitch gradually to be supplanted by Khalifa.

At last, England completes a France and abandon it late to win their opening game. Tunisia will be gutted to leave without anything to appear for their exertion.

This is the first win in an opening game for the Three Lions since beating Paraguay 1-0 at the 2006 World Cup. Their record of never losing to an African side stays flawless.