Full-time: Serbia 1-2 Switzerland have dug out from a deficit and taken every one of the three focuses on account of Shaqiri's breakaway goal in the latest possible time! That didn’t look likely at half-time when Serbia was driving 1-0 and undoubtedly unrivalled.
Xhaka struck an excellent equaliser; however, Serbia was then denied an unmistakable penalty for a foul on Mitrovic. Chances went back and forth at the two closures. And after that Shaqiri demonstrated expertise and self-restraint to convey an emotional late wind. Serbia should beat Brazil in their last match to advance! Switzerland faces Costa Rica knowing a draw will be sufficient for them.

Serbia was the preferred side for additional over 60 minutes, shielded sublimely until that late blunder and was burglarised of a surefire penalty when Mitrovic was bodyslammed by Lichtsteiner and Schaer. They have each privilege to feel abused. Yet, you need to appreciate Switzerland's clinical completing and the way they battled their way again into the diversion. Marvellous match.