Full-time England 6-1 Panama A hat-trick for Kane, two for Stones and a screamer from Lingard give England their record win in the football tournament. They drove 5-0 at half-time and afterwards pressed the game, harboured their stores and commend a well-known triumph. 

Maybe we should begin with a note of alert. The opposition won't generally be this obliging and no one, unquestionably, can anticipate that Harry Kane will continue scoring so enormously all through whatever remains of the World Cup. Perhaps England has topped too early. What's more, presumably the most caught line throughout the following 24 hours will be that, indeed, it was just Panama. Remain quiet, it was only Panama.

All the same, it was hard to leave far from the most recent win for Gareth Southgate's undeniably persuading side without the mind-boggling feeling that it has been quite a while since an England group have played this openly. It was their most great World Cup win – completely obscuring the 3-0 against Denmark in 2006 – and at half-time, no joking, there were individuals in the pressbox flicking through the history books to discover what number of more objectives were expected to set up the greatest ever win in World Cup history.

Britain was 5-0 ahead around then politeness of two punishments from Kane, supplemented by two-headed objectives from John Stones and wonder from Jesse Lingard. Kane's cap trap followed in the 63rd moment and, from that point forward, it came as a shock that the main other objective fell off a Panamanian foot. Hungary's 10-1 win against El Salvador in 1982 should sit tight for one more day. Thursday, maybe, when Belgium is the restriction, to set up which group wins Group G.

As of now, however, it is mission refined the extent that capability is concerned and, on this proof, it is no misrepresentation to state England ought not to fear anyone. Kane is presently the leading scorer in the competition, and Gary Lineker is the leading player, however every one of the ages, who has overseen more than his five objectives. However, the approval here ought not merely to apply to Kane when Stones has been so compelling in either penalty territory when Kieran Tripper's supply line has been so instrumental, and Jesse Lingard is developing as a real classification A player.

Britain had at no other time scored five first-half objectives, and it is just the third time ever of a group, our of 24 endeavours, when they have started any significant competition by winning consecutive matches, copying the World Cups of 1982 and 2006. It is still just two diversions at the same time, gradually, however, most likely, something essential is going on. Britain is turning into the group their supporters need them to be. Furthermore, it is incredibly fun.