As far back as Bontle broke into the business, we've known her to have three piercings, one on her nose, and the others on her ears. Only multi-month prior, Bontle took to social media life to share a video of herself getting a fourth puncturing on her lips. 

Bontle Modiselle isn't only a performer, artist and a choreographer, she is additionally an innovator and her challenging style is never total without an extra.

On the off chance that you think incidentally gnawing your lips is difficult, envision what a lip piercing could feel like, Bontle has conceded that getting her lips pierced was agonizing, nonetheless, she said that her capacity to hold up under torment is a superpower.

“G (B)bravery, not for the faint-hearted. I will admit, I stopped breathing when the piercing went through. And Yes…it was mind-blowingly painful, but my threshold for pain is paramount…” she wrote.

Take a look at her video below:
Source: ZAlebs