You know when you are at home watching your kin on TV and trusting they don't humiliate you? All things considered, that didn't work out for most Xhosa individuals on Sunday night who watched Date My Family.

We've all heard the generalisation that Xhosa ladies adore their guap. What's more, even though merely that - speculation - Siki's family on DMF implemented the generalisation.

The Eastern Cape scene included an Xhosa unhitched male name Sinethemba, who is a remarkably achieved fellow, however, does not have some "home preparing". There were such vast numbers of things that watchers discovered offish about him, similar to how he was merely so agreeable at the potential dates' homes or how he didn't spruce up for the event. Besides he had conflicting stories about his ex that didn't encourage his case.

Nonetheless, it was the second family that stole the spotlight after the potential date, Siki, helped Twitter "affirm" that you can't separate Xhosa young ladies from money.

"Money is love" - a Xhosa proverb.