Back in October 2017, Azania Mosaka's little girl Shamiso was tossed into the spotlight when she posted a picture on Twitter that was misjudged.

Dark twitter made it's own decision that Shamiso had gone through the night with one of the Migos young men. She put some rumours to rest saying it wasn't her in the photograph and that she was contracted to engage the trio and just sat by their segment.

While it's for entirely some time overlooked, her acclaimed mother Azania as of late opened up about the heartbreaking episode saying it was incredibly awful for their family.

“She was three weeks away from her first-year exams at Wits, so it was hard. It was absolutely traumatic. She had to see someone, she had to go for counselling and had friends and family there for her as she kept it together to write exams, which she did successfully,” Azania revealed.

Shamiso is at present in an association with rapper J Molley