Cassper has spilt the tea on why we’ve been waiting for what seems like a lifetime and a day for his Family Tree artists to drop albums.

The label’s biggest musos, including Nadia Nakai and Tshego, have been there for over two years and only have a few singles to show for their efforts, leading to some fans wondering if papa Cass was neglecting his artists.

When one fan dropped a mini-Twitter essay on the artists not dropping music, Cassper sat them down to give them the juice.

Here are the minutes:

Follower: “I’m super worried about Tshego and Nadia honestly. Tshego been album ready since two years ago and at one stage he had everyone’s attention but still, no album dropped even worse not even a mixtape. Nadia looks album ready but I know she won’t drop. What is actually going on?”


1. “Tshego’s house was broken into and they took everything. He had to start from scratch.”

2. “Nadia’s album was weak so I told her to start again and the first record she made was Naa’mean.”

3. “Y’all like to rush artists only for them to drop albums that nobody buys.”

4. “We got this. CHILL!”

Cassper has defended Nadia for days, even telling trolls that her latest music has the same flows as Cardi B but she didn’t bite (or copy) the US artist.

And when another fan came calling to ask Nadia to quit because she was boring the whole of Africa, Cassper was not playing games and told that hater to try another station because this one is too busy to listen to their petty complaints.

“How about you work your way up the ladder and get to a level where she would care to speak to you or your opinion and then you tell her yourself? Sounds like a deal?”