Lupita Nyongo showers Trevor Noah with love. Awarded as the best host last year at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Trevor has made a huge impact in the industry and is now listed alongside international artists such as comedian Tiffany Haddish and rapper Cardi B.
Trevor Noah has done it again, the comedian has been striding active in the big apple, he is now one of the most prominent comedians in the world and Time magazine agrees. They have listed him as one of 100 most influential people in 2018.
Lupita Nyongo who was tasked to elaborate on what made the comedian influential said the following:

“Trevor, who grew up biracial in apartheid South Africa, has the unique ability to tell truths that bring us together. He is uncannily skilled at holding up a mirror to whatever room he is in. Trevor is always reaching out: across cultures, continents and boundaries. He makes us laugh with each other and brings us that much closer to under­standing one another,” she wrote.

Congratulations Trevor.

Source: Instagram/ZAlebs