Tumi Morake Opens Up About How Trolls Affect Her Kids! Tumi Morake’s 2017 was one of her most successful as a career woman but also challenging.

The radio host was called a racist and taken to BCSA and later was involved in a car accident during the festive season. In a recent interview on ‘Real Talk With Anele’, the star opened up about how that has affected her children.

“I don’t know what he saw, but then he came to me and asked: ‘Mommy, now that we’ve had the car accident, will the people at Jacaranda stop being mean to you?’ And in that moment I thought, it’s one thing when I am fighting my own battles, but if this is going to affect my children, then you are touching me in my studio,” an emotional Tumi shared.

She also went on to give props to black twitter for being “woke” and defending her.

“Black Twitter, which I feared for life, when they come in there to defend you, its something else. I have also found that black twitter has become more intellectual and it has been diced into different teams.”