New year same old Ntsiki, the artist still feels strongly about black women who wear weaves and she hasn’t stopped tweeting about it either.

Ntsiki says she’s all about showing the beauty of Africanness. “Celebrating women being their natural selves will do more for the African child than anything else. We need to stop people aspiring to wear weaves and aspire to wear their hair naturally. These themes, and themes of black consciousness and love, come through in the album.”

Ntsiki took to twitter in a thread bashing black women who were offended by Kim Kardashian rocking braids whilst they have weaves on.

“I still think he weave is a dirty, disgusting and smelly habit rather you than me…..i even find it hard to hug women in weaves..have to hold in my breathe to avoid that whiff,” Ntsiki tweeted.

Check out the rest of her rant below.