A Barry Roux parody account behind #JusticeForSenzoMeyiwa on twitter raised eyebrows after alleging that producer Chicco Twala and his son had something to do with Senzo Meyiwa’s son.

Whilst the twitter account is known for producing fake news, this prompted Chicco Twala whose gun was allegedly missing around the time Senzo was killed to do an interview explaining his involved in the Senzo Meyiwa case.

“It wasn’t missing. My firearm is always with me. I got it in 1989 and it is always in my safe,” he told Masechaba and Mo Flava on Metro FM.

Twala went on to say he wasn’t defending his son and he would also want justice to be served. “I rushed to the house. I found Kelly, Longwe and another childhood friend of Senzo’s. Senzo was lying there. They said two guys came in and wanted to rob them. I don’t want to talk on behalf of Longwe. He’s an adult. I want to talk about my part.”

“If Longwe had killed Senzo, I promise you Masechaba, I would be the first person to act. I don’t care. He’s my son. But if he killed Senzo, I would have pushed for him to go to jail. Leave me out of this thing. I wasn’t there.”