Will #Isibaya’s Zama die

After their surprise wedding without their families, Zama (played by Linda Mtoba) and Jabu (Pallance Dladla) want to make things right. But will they have their happy ending, or not? It’s their traditional wedding tonight.
But there’s just one problem: Zanele (Sibusisiwe Jili), the evil sister-in-law, has ordered a hit on Zama.
It’s not supposed to look like a hit, instead it should play out as a shootout gone wrong.
In last night’s episode Zanele and Zama tried to patch things up, but will Zanele have a change of heart? Oh, this is going to be one bloody wedding.
Judas (Menzi Ngubane) will come out of jail, and return to give us the drama we’ve been craving. But if Zama dies (sad face), tonight will be her last appearance on the show. We know Jabu is going to be devastated if he loses the love of his life, so it will be interesting to see how he deals with the loss, and if he’d want to find her killers.
One thing is certain: Qaphela (Abdul Khoza) and Judas will definitely want to avenge Zama’s death. And accused number one is the Zungus. Oh, my! More blood is going to flow. There’ll be more drama to last us a lifetime.
Zanele ordered a hit on Zama because she couldn’t bear the thought of seeing her bae rot in jail. Zama is a key witness in the Zungus’ case against Qaphela and Judas. But what Zanele didn’t think through is what if Qaphela finds out she ordered a hit on his sister? Whether Zama dies or lives, Zanele’s plan will have grave repercussions because the truth has a way of coming out – always. We hope she’ll be ready to face the music.
Besides, if Zama dies, getting her a heart transplant was all for nothing – don’t you think?