‘It’s Me, You Twit,’ Mapaseka Slams Husband Tbose’s Side Chick Rumors! Twitter almost blew up after a troll tweeted a screenshot from radio legend Tbose’s Instagram post which featured a n*ked woman.
The troll went on to suggest Tbose was cheating on his wife Mapaseka.
Turns out the woman in the photo is Tbose’s wfie, Mapaseka who clapped back at the twitter troll. “No you twit! That’s a pic of ME! His WIFE,” she tweeted.
Tbose also dismissed the fake news.
When some haters tried to call the couple out for “lying to cover up after getting cuaght” because Mapaseka looks a bit darker in the photo, the TV host clapped back saying, “I guess i’m so light in complexion I should be glowing in the dark…”