The Lotto draw on Saturday, 28 January 2018 was spectacular. There were four winners in division one (getting all six correct numbers), and they each won a whopping R27.5 million.

In division two (got five correct numbers and the bonus ball) four winners were recorded, and each received R44, 738.10. A further 146 people got five correct numbers (division three), receiving R4, 263.30 each.

At the middle and bottom end of the winning spectrum, a total 446 winners were recorded for division four (four correct numbers and the bonus ball) and won R1, 744.50 each, while a total 137556 people got two correct numbers and the bonus ball, each winning prize money of R20. The division with the biggest number of winners was division 7 (three correct numbers), producing a total of 177909 winners (each winner received R50).

The winning numbers for the Lotto draw 27 January were: 48, 7, 24, 21, 6, 15 and bonus ball was 16. Because of the sheer amount of winners in this draw, the next jackpot is only R3 million. The next draw will be held on Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

On the other hand, the Lotto Plus One and Lotto Plus Two Draws on 27 January 2018 were as follows:

Lotto Plus One: 21, 6, 52, 11, 32, 10 and bonus ball 4

Lotto Plus Two: 34, 46, 24, 52, 13, 12 and bonus ball 3
One lucky winner, who got all six correct numbers, received R11.6 million in the Lotto Plus One Draw. No winner was recorded in division one of Lotto Plus Two draw.