Rhythm City’s Tebogo Khalo On Slay Queens And Not Wanting Kids! Popularly known as Puleng on the e.tv drama series, Tebogo is a household name thanks to her acting talent.

With the new wave of social media and actresses getting more famous because of their Instagram following and lifestyle, Puleng recently got candid about the pressure social media brings.

“I think one of the most difficult things about being in this industry is staying real. Because there is this expectation from fans that we have money and are rich. To uphold that is difficult because you either fall into the trap of not living your truth or you stay content in your truth. With social media there is all this pressure to keep up with the slay queens and please fans,” she said.

The married actress has always maintained she doesn’t want to have children and she says she has been finding it difficult lately.

“I’m finding it more difficult because I am getting older and I get broody but I just bring myself back to my decision when that happens. I made the decision because of the pressures of life. I think it is unfair to have kids when life is so complex. I think it is the pressure and fear of bringing a soul to life and raising it.”