‘People Think I Ride On My Sisters’ Fame,’ Says Generations’ Candice Modiselle! The youngest of the three Modiselle sisters is holding her own with a recurring role on Generations: The Legacy.

Despite all her individual success, Candice says there’s still a lot of misconception on why she being the youngest went into the same industry as her sisters.

“I think one of the biggest misconceptions about me is that I was following in my sisters’ footsteps because I did not have my own path or journey. People also assume that I am trying to ride on my sisters’ fame and the Modiselle name.

“People compare us because we are sisters but I never compare myself to them and neither have they. It has been great to have them around,” she said.

Candice says after experiencing her own share of rejection in the industry, Candice says she doesn’t listen to outside voices.

“After 18 auditions I realised that it isn’t necessarily about anyone else but it is about me understanding who I am as an artist. Once I understood that, I was more comfortable with myself and was able to give the real me.”