As we prepare to wind down in anticipation of the festive period, it is important not to let your guard down on the road, especially given the surge in hijackings in the country over the past year amid a depressed economy.

The Automobile Association has warned motorists in South Africa that criminals are more likely to target those who aren’t paying attention – and not let your guard down.

As such vehicle tracking app Pro-Active South Africa has published a series of maps showing the worst hijacking and crime hotspots in the country’s three largest metropolitan areas of Joburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.

Pro-Active said that the theft of motor vehicles/organized crime is a profession like any other and the criminals are engaging in the activities for monetary benefit.

Using data based on published information by the SAPS, tracking companies, and Insurance Crime Bureau, the application has mapped out the areas where people need to be most vigilant.


Johannesburg Roads

  1. Pretoria Road , CR Swart
  2. Elgin Road and Pretoria Road, Johannesburg
  3. Linksfield Road, N3
  4. Booysens Road, M1
  5. Nelson Mandela Bridge
  6. Wolmarans road, Johannesburg
  7. Saratoga road, Johannesburg
  8. Abel road, Johannesburg
  9. Houghton Drive, M1
  10. Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg
  11. Krause Street, Pageview
  12. Heidelberg Road, Johannesburg
  13. Kyalami Drive, Johannesburg
  14. Beyers Naude road and N1
  15. Sunninghill, N1, Rivonia
  16. Midrand, Clayville
  17. Grayston, Rivonia, 11th Street.
  18. Empire Road, Johannesburg
  19. Jan Smuts Avenue, William Nicol Drive, Hyde Park
  20. Witkoppen Road
  21. Bramley, Johannesburg
  22. Yeoville, Johannesburg
  23. Norwood, Johannesburg
  24. Sandringham, Johannesburg
  25. 11th avenue and 7th Avenue, Johannesburg
  26. Hillbrow Precinct, Upper Houghton, Killarney
  27. Saxonworld, Parkwood
  28. Christiaan de Wet and Wilgerood road
  29. Louis Botha Avenue, M11, Hillbrow, Alexandra
  30. Riviera Road and M1
  31. 11th Avenue, Fairland
  32. 1st Avenue and Pretoria Main road, johannesburg
  33. New road and N1, Midrand
  34. William Nichol, N1 highway
  35. Nelson Mandela Drive, Johannesburg
  36. Outside Eskom’s MegaWatt Park. (Maxwell Drive, Sunninghill)
  37. Midrand Road and Cedar Road

Cape Town

Cape Town Roads

  1. Military Road and Prince George Drive, Cape Town
  2. St Stephens Road, Cape Town
  3. Alice Street and Voortrekker Road, Cape Town
  4. Station Road, Cape Town
  5. Klipfontein Road, Cape Town
  6. Prestwich Road, Ebenhezer, Cape Town
  7. Vanguard Drive, Cape Town
  8. R300, N1 Cape Town


Pretoria Roads

  1. Es’kia Mphahlele Drive
  2. Paul Kruger Street
  3. R55
  4. Burnett Street
  5. Delfi Avenue and Garsfontein Road
  6. Stormvoel Road Traffic Lights
  7. Watermeyer Street Traffic Lights
  8. Nelson Mandela Drive
  9. Simon Vermooten Rd & Lynnwood Rd
  10. Lynwood Drive and Solomon Mahlangu Drive
  11. Justice Mahomed Street (Walker Street)
  12. Duncan Street
  13. Lynnwood Rd & University Rd
  14. Rigel and N1 Off Ramp
  15. Pretoria St & Simon Vermooten Rd
  16. Simon Vermooten Road and Furrow Road
  17. Lynwood Road and N1 Off Ramp
  18. Solomon Mahlangu Drive (Hans Strydom) and N4 Off Ramp
  19. Solomon Mahlangu and R21
  20. Atterbury Road and N1 Off Ramp
  21. Pretorius Street Traffic Lights
  22. Francis Baard Street & Festival Street
  23. Francis Baard Street and Hilda Street
  24. Francis Baard Street and Grosvenor Street