Here’s Robert Mugabe Retirement Monthly Salary! Looks like Mugabe will still be cashing in from the Zimbabwean government after resigning before he got impeached.

Mugabe will reportedly earn the same amount of money earned by the sitting president. In 2015‚ during an interview he claimed to be earning US$12‚000 (R167,064) per month.

In an event that he passes on‚ his widow would earn 60 percent of the pension.

Section C of the Act reads: “To a surviving spouse of a person who‚ on the date of his death‚ was receiving or was entitled to receive a pension in terms of paragraph (a) or (a1) ‚ an annual pension equal to two-thirds of the annual pension which that person would have received or would have been entitled to receive had he not died.”

Grace will reportedly still get state sponsored domestic help‚ air travel‚ office accommodation and an entertainment allowance.