SA Celebs Who Have Accidentally Posted Inappropriate Videos On Social Media! Earlier this week rapper Emtee found himself a trending topic on all social media platforms after he accidentally showed his manhood whilst on Instagram Live.

Well, the rapper is not the first to have an embarrassing moment that social media and the internet will never allow him to forget, nor will he be the last. Here’s a few celebs who have also accidentally posted inappropriate photos or videos on social media or have had someone leak them.
Bongani Zungu
Back in 2016, a video showing Zungu playing with his manhood in the shower went viral on social media. It never came to light who leaked it. 

Whilst on Instagram Live, Emtee accidentally showed his manhood and the video went viral. 
Faith Nketsi
In 2016, a video of Faith Nketsi aka queen twerk accidentally posted a video of herself and her boyfriend in action.