Uzalo To Lose Two Of Its Biggest Stars! Uzalo is the latest big production to be hit by financial issues and it seems they might go the Generations route in losing big cast members.

According to Daily Sun, Leleti Khumalo and Khaya Dladla, two of the soapie’s biggest talents, have left the show under different circumstances but both relating to their respective salaries.

An unnamed source Dladla had been dismissed after asking for a pay rise. “After Khaya approached the producers, they decided to terminate his contract, claiming they were cutting costs. I guess addressing such concerns is a serious crime,” the source claims.

Whilst Leleti allegedly called it quits after finding out that the cast’s salaries would be cut in half.

“Uzalo is a financial mess and sometimes actors are paid after the due date. It’s no longer the same. Besides, Leleti is a big brand and will find work soon. And I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of some of the leading actors following suit,” the source claims