Someone might be giving us a little subtle hints about settling down…

Amanda Du Pont might not have a ring on it yet, but if Shawn Rodriques is as attentive as we are, he might catch the really subtle hints we’ve been picking up on his behalf. Amanda might be ready to become somebody’s Mrs! (According to us that is…)

The best way to get back at that ex that hurt you so badly is to move on and be happy – genuinely happy that is. That is definitely a remedy for happiness because Amanda du Pont and her boo Shawn Rodriques have this love thing on lock.

Dating Shawn is probably the best decision Amanda had ever made when it comes to her relationships and they’re still going strong. Hmm and by the looks of things Amanda might just be ready to be more than just a girlfriend…

If you pay enough attention to Amanda then you’ll notice a lot has changed. When we first met her, we fell in love with her Swati Princess vibe and were impressed with her acting talent. Since her debut on the scene, she has become a little more private and has upped her dress sense as well.

You also hardly find her at entertainment events lately. Think about it when last did you see us include pictures of Amanda Du Pont that were taken at star-studded events?

For those who follow her on social media, when last did you see her post a se_xy picture? As beautiful as the pictures she posts are, that old Amanda we once knew is no more, ever since she got serious with Shawn, look how she dresses now.;

We love this new look Amanda, it makes it hard to even remember she plays Lelo on Skeem Saam.

She still looks stunning as always, first lady vibes much?

Her se_xy is defined differently and she doesn’t even associate herself with the rest of the residents in celebville. What is going on Amanda? Is there something we should know? Did she anger the celebville residents as she did the Swazi royals?

We’re definitely loving her new style and we can appreciate her decision to live life a little more privately. We don’t know her reasoning behind all this but we hope Shawn see.

P.S: Shawn, she would make a wonderful and of course, beautiful, bride don’t you think? Oh by the way, no pressure or anything like that…