Pulane Lenkoe Sets The Record Straight On Her Car And Mphela! After taking to social media sharing the story of her abusive relationship with football player Katlego Mphela, Pulane was met with a lot of criticism.

With social media trolls blaming her for being abused and others suggesting she could be lying. On top all that, some speculated that Pulane’s lifestyle was sponsored by Mphela including her Mercedes AMG.

Pulane took to twitter setting the record straight saying she bought herself the car. “I bought my own car, let me make that clear, that man had no financial abilities to buy a woman a car,” she wrote.

Pulane says when she started dating Mphela, his career in the PSL was long gone and she thought they’d build their lives together. “I walked in his life knowing he was already financially drained but I didn’t mind, ” she wrote.