‘I Never Witnessed Euphonik Abusing Bonang,’ Says Somizi! More and more details about the rise and fall of Bonang and Somizi’s relationship are coming to light from the two stars themselves.

Bonang mentioned in her book that she stopped being friends with Somizi because he (Somizi) had become friends with Euphonik knowing what the DJ had done to her.

“Euphonik and I never spoke until after a year of our break up. I’ve never witnessed Euphonik abusing her,” Somizi said responding to a caller on their Metro FM show on Friday.

Somizi went on set the record straight explaining how they stopped talking.

“The day before she was in Mauritius and I said: ‘I miss you’ and she said: ‘I miss you too’. The following day I called and she answered but said she was busy and I said: ‘Okay, call me when you’re done’,” Somizi recalled. “No call, no call – second day. I felt that something weird was going on.”

Somizi says he feels that Bonang did not respect their friendship because she failed to confront him on what she thought was going on.

“I was obsessed with her, I was so loyal that I would even fight her battles even if it has nothing to do with me. To this day I would still want to know. If she respected our friendship, she would have confronted me, she never confronted me about anything. I would have done it.”

Somizi has however forgiven Bonang saying she’s still young and making mistakes. “I forgave her because at the end of the day, she’s child to me, she’s still young, she’s allowed to make mistakes but one day I hope she will wake up.”