Uyanda Mbuli Sets The Record Straight On The Love Triangle Saga! A few months ago, Uyanda and a woman known as Joy Molamu were dating the same Johannesburg businessman known as King Maseko. The two ladies had an exchange on not so great words with Molamu accusing Uyanda of asking money from Maseko.

Mbuli later opened a case of defamation of character against Molamu. Now she’s telling her side of the story on the alleged love triangle.

“I don’t know Joyce except for what I’ve read about her. I’ve never met her in person. I was going to meet her at court for the first time,” Uyanda said.

The reality star went on to say there was never a romantic relationship between her and Maseko as he is her homeboy whom she grew up with.

“The guy whom she’s dating is my homeboy whom we grew up together. There never was a romantic relationship between me and him. The guy in question I know him to be married to someone else with kids,” Mbuli revealed.

On the money drama, Uyanda says Joy got it all wrong. “He has been going through a lot of financial problems with money lent to him by different sources including myself. Indeed I asked the guy for money, but it was for him to return the money he owes me.”