A woman is recuperating in hospital after being assaulted on the head with a spanner, allegedly by her husband, a well-known South African DJ.

A video, circulating on social media, shows the woman hunched over in a car with her hands covering her bleeding head while being hit repeatedly. The attack took place at a filling station on the R21 towards Pretoria.
Another man appears to be intervening and trying to calm the DJ and a female bystander, who has been identified as Thandeka Ndlovu.  
Ndlovu, who filmed the incident, is heard confronting and defending the injured woman.
Ndlovu posted pictures of the woman, who was covered in blood and appeared to be unconscious, moments after the attack.
"My friend has been assaulted for the longest of time and has kept quiet because she thought that things wud (sic) change or get better, but this is what it got too (sic) .... She is now lying in a hospital bed" she said.
Speaking to eNCA on Monday morning, Ndlovu said: " I am unable to speak at this moment because I am headed to the hospital where my friend is admitted, so I can help her bath and get ready because we need to be in court for the case."
The woman suffered injuries to the front and back of her head. 
The DJ, who cannot be named until he has pleaded in court, posted this apology on his Facebook page on Monday morning.