SOAPIE star Tina Jaxa played her part in many dramas.

But the worst was a rumoured real-life scene in her home . . .


The revered actress claimed her diningroom became a boxing ring when her son, Leeroy, demanded money and started throwing punches.
During the last seven months, she has opened two cases of common assault against him at the Sophiatown Police Station, south of Joburg.

In statements to the police, Tina alleged that Leeroy, who is her first-born child with her late husband Prosper Mkwaiwa, pushes her around.

She also claimed that he hit her during arguments at her Northcliff home, north of Joburg.

In both police statements, the actress said her son gets aggressive and swears whenever she refuses to give him money.

The People’s Paper has seen one statement, which reads in part: “The complainant Albertina Jaxa alleges that her son Leeroy Mkwaiwa pushed her around and hit her while he was swearing at her.

“The argument started when Leeroy demanded an amount of R400 and she refused to give him because he did not want to say what it was for,” reads the document.

Tina said her son got really aggressive and threatened her life, but she managed to get away.

“After he hit me, I then got a chance to run away. I don’t know what could have happened if I didn’t manage to escape,” she said in her statement.

The SunTeam understands that 19-year-old Leeroy is unemployed, and it is unclear whether he’s completed his secondary schooling.

Tina further told police that this was the second time that her son had assaulted her in recent months.

Police spokesperson, Thomas de Bruyn, confirmed that two cases were opened.

Yesterday, Leeroy refused to comment and hung up the phone.

Tina was not available for comment.

She had not responded to our messages and SMSes at the time of going to print.

- Sunday Sun