Read The Heartbreaking Letter From Brickz’ Rape Victim! The letter was read into the court record at the Roodepoort Magistrate’s Court on Thursday at the Kwaito singer’s sentencing.

Brickz was found guilty of raping a 17-year-old girl in 2013. The victim is Brickz’ late sister’s daughter. In the heartbreaking letter, the victim said she took Brickz as a father but he destroyed her life. Read the full letter below.

Ever since the incident, I’ve never felt the same and my life is not normal. I just became so down and not participated in conversations with my surroundings. The things you did to me, I blame myself, I blame God but the truth is it is all your fault. You may be going to jail but know that you have broken me. I didn’t live like a normal teenager and part of me has been taken away.

You took away my precious gift and sometimes I just ask myself If I will ever live a normal life because what you did to me, really affected me. I hardly sleep at night because sometimes I have dreams of you raping me and it is very heart-breaking that I will never be able to be proud of myself because I feel like I am nothing. You really broke my heart and now I can’t even trust anyone and trust is very important but you took that away from me.
You took away my happiness and I can be happy now but later I will get flashbacks that will never go away. I will be having them until the end of my life. I wish that you could put yourself in my shoes and feel the sadness in me right now.
Malume you have broken me deeply and I cant put everything that I am feeling into writing but my heart is bleeding of anger sadness and brokenness. I trusted you and treated you like my father. When I cry at night I ask myself what did I ever do for you to come and rape me. I may not be happy as I used to be before but I want you to ask yourself every night why is it that you raped your own niece? Why did you break your niece’s heart? I wanted you to treat me like a daughter but didn’t.