The Right2Know campaign in Gauteng is on Tuesday picketing outside the four network providers to demand action against the high cost of data and airtime.

R2K initiated the campaign in 2013 against the high cost of communications and demanded that Data bundles should not expire if they are unused.

Right2Know said the service providers failed to act on demands that have been continuously presented to them since R2K initiated the campaign regarding expensive data.

“We remain resolute that our right to communicate – to receive and impart information and opinions – is central to our right to know.

“Yet far too many South Africans are deprived of the basic right to communicate because of the ruthless profiteering of the big telecoms companies. High data and airtime prices place this right out of reach of the country’s poor,” R2K said in a statement.

The picketing venues are as follow, Cell C Head Office, MTN Head Office, Vodacom Head Office and Telkom Head Office.