Mudi is the son that Khakhathi ‘KK’ Mulaudzi (played by Macdonald Ndou) had with chief Azwindini’s sister Tshianeo back in Muvhango’s fictional day.

The child now lives with his father and his new girlfriend Matshidiso (played by Buhle Samuels). The pair have recently been trying to bond as Tshidi settle into step-mom life.

In fact, Mudi even once insisted that Tshidi be the one to drop him off at school because his friends thought he had a beautiful mother.

He then made a comment about how he would have married her if he was older and she wasn’t with his father.

A taste in women isn’t the only thing that the Mulaudzi men share however. In a recent scene where Tshidi and Mudi were set to go out on an outing, she asked him to head upstairs and change but the boy took longer than usual. Upon his return, he was dressed like a mini version of his dad who is notorious for wearing bold prints, shiny material and suits as well as colours that clash.

Watch the hilarious scene below:

Tshidi obviously helped the boy change. It’s bad enough she has to be seen out and about with his dad looking like that.