Controversial businessman Kenny Kunene has stepped into the ring of ANC factional battles in the run- up to the party's 54th national congress.

Kunene's website, Weekly Xposé, published an article on Monday containing the name and p0rnographic videos of one of the women allegedly linked to Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa in an article in the Sunday Independent. Ramaphosa is not in the videos.

Kunene said the woman's name and videos were sourced from supposedly leaked e-mails involving Ramaphosa and several women.

"I have been briefed on this story from the beginning and I made sure that my journalists verified everything," he told The Times.

When asked whether Weekly Xposé got the woman's permission to publish the video, Kunene compared the leaked e-mails to the Gupta leaks.

"I don't remember any one of you asking questions into other leaks . Did you have permission from the Guptas to run their things? Did you get permission from the people who are in those e-mails to run them?"

Kunene and Black First Land First's Andile Mngxitama were both at the last-minute hearing in the Johannesburg High Court on Saturday night at which Ramaphosa attempted to interdict the article by the newspaper claiming that he had had extramarital affairs.

Sunday Independent attributed its information to the leaked Ramaphosa e-mails.

Social media law expert Emma Sadleir said the woman in the video was a victim of a sexual offence and should lay charges of crimen injuria, infringement of dignity, privacy infringement and defamation.

"It is no good blurring her, because they have named her."

Sadleir said politicians had to bear more scrutiny as public figures, but the woman in the video had a right to dignity.

"This is just a woman. She is not famous."

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird said there was currently a "gap so large you can drive almost a presidential cavalcade straight through it" in regulating online content in South Africa.

Bird said the woman can send the website a "takedown notice" demanding that the content be removed.

"You would have to be clear which law they have broken."

Another woman linked to Ramaphosa told The Times she had never met the deputy president and said her studies had not been funded by Ramaphosa.

Nonhlanhla Radebe, 31, is a doctoral student in environmental engineering at the Technische Universität, in Berlin, Germany.

She won a bursary from the Catholic Church but fears she might lose it because the church "frowns upon this kind of thing".

"This is not how I would've liked to be known."

Radebe said the only thing she and Ramaphosa had in common was being ANC members.

She is considering legal action, but first needs to track down the person who created the poster.