Kenny Kunene may have escaped an alleged attempted hijacking with his life – but Twitter seems to be out for blood.
The Jo’burg businessman and socialite was shot at while driving his black BMW 125i on Tuesday night. 

Five bullets hit the car but according to reports, 21 shots were fired in the incident.

Miraculously, Kenny and his female passenger were left unharmed – but in true Twitter fashion, users have begun to suspect the whole scene was staged by the socialite.

#KennyKunene began trending moments after the news of the shooting broke and Twitter has been less than supportive of the infamous ‘Sushi King’.
But Kenny has brushed off their criticism.

"Maybe they wanted me to die, but whatever people are saying, you can’t be loved by everyone. It is by the grace of God that I am alive today," Kunene told News24.

These Twitter detectives offered various reasons for their suspicions: