Pearl Thusi has shared a video of herself telling followers what some thought was her throwing shade at ex-boyfriend Robert Marawa. In a video, Pearl said following her breakup with the 44-year-old, she was thinking of getting a nice man.

But it seems age will also be taken into account, as she wants a Ben 10, saying old men just want to stress you. They also get tired, she says.

Watch the video below:

“I’m just thinking, you I want date something who I think to myself you know, I want to be with someone nice, you know? Like a lekker, lekker, like a nice lekker man. I’m thinking maybe I can get a Ben 10, because these old men, stress, all the time, they just want to stress you, and I’m just like no more, man, also they get tired, you know what I’m saying?

“And when I talk about the lekker ones, why must I explain things? I just can’t get men, come get it and don’t cause problems, that’s all I need. I just want to tell everybody that, look here, don’t cause stress, even if you’re little, even if you’re big, it’s okay.”

Marawa and Thusi broke up a few months ago, but only confirmed their breakup a few weeks back, with Marawa saying the two remained friends. Since then, there have been rumours Pearl is someone’s nyatsi, rumours she strongly dismissed on Sunday.