After playing a character on Skeem Saam that made young people aware of the dangers of alcohol, actor Oros Mampofu is now back with a edu-tainment local film called The Lucky Specials, which aims to create awareness about tuberculosis.

Oros said he was glad to portray roles that tell an authentic South African story.

“Both my parents are preachers, I grew up in a church community where I was really invested. At times we would go from house to house praying and helping people that are affected with diseases like TB, cancer and many more. I have seen dire conditions but I have also seen hope. So I hope for everyone to see the film, so people know that there’s always hope,” he said.

In the film Oros plays a very passionate musician by the name of Mandla, who dreams of making it in music but gets infected with TB, while working in the mines to make ends meet.

The actor said that it was his mission to tell Mandla’s story properly so that Mandla’s struggles with TB, his passion for music and will to live shines through.

“I knew from the onset that the task to play Mandla was a big one. It’s such a raw story to many especially in deep rural communities. But more than the educational component, I had to make sure I show the different layers of Mandla. His love for music, his fears and his dreams, so that someone out there can learn from him,” he said.

The movie aims educate audiences about the misconceptions about TB, how it spreads and how it can be cured.

The cast include Thomas Gumede, Richard Lukunku, Sivenathi Mabuya, Blondia Makhene and Fulu Moguvhani among others.

The film will be on TLC Entertainment on the August 20 at 20:00

Watch the trailer here: