It has been a big year for Nomzamo Mbatha. The South African actress and TV host has been to many countries around the world for her work, and has scored some really big international gigs this year. Busy girl, right?
The Isibaya actress recently paid a visit to the Essence studios in New York, where she was interviewed by Makho Ndlovu.

When asked how she manages her time because of such a hectic schedule, she said: “The sad thing is about where I am in my career is that I’m literally at… I’m reaching my peak. And part of doing that requires a lot of sacrifices – I’m sacrificing a lot of my time, I’m sacrificing a lot of things that I enjoy doing. I haven’t had a holiday…”

Does all the hard work that Zamo is also chasing that American dream? She said it’s beyond just the American market.

“It is the global market because I believe that I am a storyteller at heart and I’d like to play with other storytellers around the world especially some that I respect.”

She continued: “I’d love to be in a space where I can play with people who have done it and who have come before me. Uhm… hopefully, it’s going to happen, but I think right now it’s all about harnessing my craft.”

We’re definitely rooting for you, Nomzamo!