1. The highly awaited vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma might expose the leaders of the SACP that are not political scientifically chess players like the Zuma faction in the ANC.
2. The SACP has failed to correctly apply its Leninist Marxist analysis in recent years especially about its views in the Zuma presidency and its resolution on contesting state power.
3. The SACP has failed to understand that the removal of Zuma and contesting of state power are linked, hence it would be a serious blow if indeed it happened on 2019.
4. Mpumalanga SACP once called for the removal of the premier DD Mabuza and the leader of the opposition in the legislature Democratic Alliance (DA) tabled the motion of no confidence to the Premier and the ANC in legislature mandated honourable Bonakele Majuba as deputy chief whip at the time to defend the premier whilst he in the provincial council of the SACP he pronounced and vowed to make sure that Cde DD Mabuza was recalled. Are such contradictions not confusing to society?
5. The ANCYL in response made a mockery of the SACP and its leadership calling them livid who wanted to be appointed MEC’s.  In recent times the same SACP threatened to resign if President Zuma removes Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance but Zuma as a political chess player removed him and appointed more SACP members to cabinet and there was no resignation or maybe Zuma correctly implemented the MTV programme of the SACP? Was a checkmate for PARTY? Maybe the perception of the ANCYL about the SACP was correct.
6. The SACP taught us that historical materialism is important in analysing society and event therefore we hope that this time they will apply their tools correctly. The ANC will assembly its best cadres to counter the motion of no confident.
7. President during the debate and reading from the previous trends Cde Blade Nzimande will lead charge in defence of the president. What message would be sent to society about the SACP view?  While in parliament you defend Zuma and in public platforms you call for his removal, remember this will form part of the 2019 campaign for the opposition, I hope communist will understand that the vote of no confidence is linked to contesting state power.
8. Cde Majuba the SACP provincial secretary has always said the SACP is political party of power and indeed the ultimate goal of every political party is to take over government, therefore the SACP cannot suspend it s programs and resolution on state power and wait for the December 2017 conference of ANC for factional victors on whether accommodate them or not. 
9. The current political terrain needs SACP to save and defend the national democratic revolution and the post  1994 democratic gains, by leaving the corrupt Zuma administration now and come to lead the struggle on the ground , mobilise society with all progressive left forces for 2019 election.
10. If nothing is done it would mean the resolution was taken to please the majority of the delegate of the 14th SACP National Congress who wanted cde Solly Mapaile to be General Secretary and lead them to contest state power.
11. The ANC has a right to whip and discipline its members if they vote against the organisational position, we are in party political system and motion of a vote of no confidence in president Zuma was brought by a political party not by a conscious individual member of parliament.
12. It is hypocrisy of highest order to expect ANC MP’s to use their conscious while the rest will be voting according to their political party.
13. What would happen if there are members of opposition who feel that the vote of no confidence in president Zuma is an agenda for an undemocratic regime change which will bring political and economical instability to South Africa?
14. We all know that the EFF threatened its councillors in Tshwane, Johannesburg and recently Mogale City, those who had a different view like Magdalene were isolated.
15. The DA even conducted or wanted to conduct a lie detector test but the ANC must not discipline its members.
16. As for the ANC MP’s who want to vote against the party position and become heroes of the opposition are they doing it for the ANC and the 62% majority of South African or is to build their career in preparation for post 2019 election?
17. People must remember that the problems of Zuma leadership were already in the public domain including Nkandla, Gupta Waterkloof in 2014 and people opted to work under Zuma where the individual consciousness was or it was just politics of stomach.
18. Heroes are those who refused to work with or under Zuma especial comrade Kgalema Motlante, Trevor Manuel and others post Mangaung and 2014 election. I will support consciousness if the motion was brought like bill as like the private members bill.