Rick Ross is allegedly set to be a dad for the third time and it's not with his rumored fiancée, Liz Hagelthorn.

Fitness enthusiast Briana Camille took to Instagram a few months ago to announce that she was expecting a baby, and there are speculations that the child was fathered by rapper Rick Ross, though she is yet to announce who the father is.

Soon after she revealed she was pregnant, her over 245,000 followers began to congratulate her and Ross. Camille did not confirm or deny the rumors.

Sources say that Camille and Ross were in a relationship for a short period of time and the child she's having is his. There are no photos of them together but Camille, who is active in the Army, was promoting a few of Ross' business ventures a few weeks ago on Instagram. Another of her Instagram post shows her praising the rapper and congratulating him on his Grammy nomination.