A white woman, from South Carolina, has become an internet sensation after a video of her beating up a racist white woman emerged.

The video quickly went viral as soon as it was uploaded on social media on Wednesday. In the video, a big loud-mouthed white woman in a blue dress is seen in a Florida hotel lobby threatening to shoot the hero, Colleen Dagg in the head. According to reports, the racist woman had made a racist comment about Haitians and Colleen called her to order so she became aggressive.

As she continued with the threats, Colleen is seeing taking off her shoes and explaining that it was in case she needed to defend herself from the racist woman. The time came really quick as the racist woman gets in Colleen's face and hits her.

Immediately, the fight took a surprising twist as Colleen is seen overpowering the woman and beating her so hard until hotel staff came to pull her off. At this point, the racist woman starts crying and playing the victim. She then said she's three-months pregnant and she'll make sure Colleen goes to jail for hitting her while pregnant. She tried to break free from the security men to continue fighting Colleen but they held her back.

Uniformed officers soon arrived and the racist woman refused to mention the part she played in the fight but put all the blame on Colleen. She informed them that Colleen attacked and beat her and she's pregnant. Luckily, the entire incident was caught on camera to show who was at fault.

Soon after the video went viral, black people on Facebook and Twitter called Colleen a hero and invited her to cookouts. Colleen, who has a biracial child, later took to social media to explain why she stood her ground against the racist white woman.

See her explanation and a video of the fight below.