First Lady Zuma Shares How Jacob Zuma Wooed Her! Mrs Thobeka Madiba-Zuma often gushes over her marriage to the President on her Instagram and for thew first time she opened up about how JZ won her over.

Mrs Zuma says she met JZ in 1993 when she worked as a banker and he was her client. She went on to share how he would call her mother’s landline and leave her messages when she wasn’t home.

“At the time I was working and studying at the same time. I would work during the day and attend lectures at night and I would be home very late in the evening. I would come home and my mother would say, ‘There’s a Jacob Zuma who called.'”

“With a straight face, expressionless and I would hold my breath. Okay, let her not ask me ‘who was Jacob Zuma?’, because there’s only one, who was called a terrorist (at the time),” she explained.

The first lady said she then told Zuma that he should call when she’d be home. They started dating, got engaged and eventually got married in 2010.