South African actress Enhle Mbali spoke to the host of SABC 3 talk show host, Anele Mdoda about some of the best and worst moments that she has had in the public eye.
The star talks about her most recent wedding to DJ Black Coffee, how she got her start in the industry and her stint on SABC soapie, 7de Laan.
For those who might have missed it Enhle played Nandi, on the long running daily show; a woman who is involved in an interracial romance with Bernard - another character on the show.
In a 2016 post about her time on the set of 7de Laan Enhle said: “Bernard and Nandi received some racist slurs from there on screen debut this past week,(production expected it and so did I and change was the point ) but the crazy thing is racial slurs happened on set with people I thought were educated and open minded.” Read more about that here. 
On her latest show, Broken Vows (which is broadcast on Enhle plays a wedding planner named Azania who is also involved in an interracial relationship but the actress told Anele Mdoda that this time the reaction is different saying: “I’m so lucky that right now the people who are watching are more open minded." She then added "I was torn apart on 7de Laan.”